Radar Tyres

RADAR Tyres is the flagship brand of its manufacturer and offers a unique value proposition in its segment. In the passenger and light truck segment the brand offers a vast and varied range of tyres that are made for all seasons, applications and different types of vehicles that cater to different requirements and interests of drivers.

RADAR Tyres are designed in Singapore by an in-house design team and utilise the latest equipment, materials and manufacturing processes. This makes their commitments universal, so drivers can choose the right set of tyres for their unique driving styles and requirements, knowing that these choices are backed by world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Being one of the most reliable brands in the market, RADAR Tyres are manufactured in compliance with the highest regulatory certifications and utilise PAH-free oils in their compounds to comply with stringent European standards. In addition to this, the brand has always been committed to being socially responsible and has been manufactured carbon neutral since 2013.