Manual or Automatic: Which will it be?

This is a question all drivers are faced with at least once in their driving lifetime. We recently had a pole on our Facebook page to settle the age-old debate: Manual or Automatic? But our audience was torn, leaving us with no clear answer. So, we did the next best thing – we made a […]

Trust is built up over time: Hi-Q voted No.1 for 8 years running

Receiving the No.1 status for the 8th consecutive year proves to us that South African consumers truly trust Hi-Q as their preferred Tyre Retailer. That is, and always will be what we strive for. Thank you to our customers for vouching for us year after year. You can trust us to always give you our […]

New number plates for South African drivers: Here’s the low down

So, it seems official, South Africa’s Department of Transport has indicated that it will follow through with its plan to introduce new number plates. South African drivers may be sporting these new plates from as early as the end of this year. Here are 5 things you need to take note of. 1. Like your […]

Get your R50 Wimpy voucher with every Willard Battery at Hi-Q

Buy a Willard Battery from any participating Hi-Q before 30 June 2017 and you’ll receive a mouth-watering R50 Wimpy voucher to use at any Wimpy nationwide! This promotion is store specific, so check the list at the link below to find all the participating Hi-Q dealers. Participating Hi-Q Dealers Terms and Conditions Terms and conditions […]

You might regret not getting it done

With the financial strain of the long weekends still fresh in your mind, preparing your vehicle for winter is probably not really a top priority. But here’s the thing, not getting your car checked out before winter could cost you a lot more in the long run. Here are the basic checks. 2-min read. Lighting […]

There’s a loaded cash awardscard® reserved for you at Hi-Q

At Hi-Q you’ll receive your reserved awardscard® loaded with cash with every 2 or more Goodyear branded tyres you buy, 15 inch or larger. We’ve also got some great specials on Goodyear branded tyres. Offer valid from 03 April till 29 April 2017, or whilst stock of tyres and cash awardscards® last. Get down to […]

Is your driving harming your car?

Like we all have different personalities, we also have different driving styles. But did you know that your style of driving has a direct impact on your car?

Driving on a budget: How to save on fuel

January is that time of the year when everyone is thinking budget budget budget. So we’ve compiled a quick list of things that will help your vehicle be more fuel-efficient and in effect help you save! Combine errands. If you plan your drive so that you hit all of your errands in one outing you’ll […]

What you can do yourself to get your car revving fit!

Many families around South Africa are preparing to travel by car to their holiday destination. December is an incredibly busy time on the roads, according to Stats SA Land Transport Statistical Report August 2016, the final month last year saw 23 million passengers on the road (this excluded mini bus taxis). These numbers only mean […]