The Hi-Q family is expanding, welcome to our new members Hi-Q Vredenburg and Hi-Q Howick.

These two shops, one in Vredenburg and the other in Howick, are the newest additions to Hi-Q and we could not be happier that they’ve joined us.

Vredenburg Store
Hi-Q Vredenburg/Langebaan continues to lead locally

Although not new to the industry, this family-owned business was established in September 1996, as a small business selling tyres, exhausts, batteries and many other car components. According to Werner Leufer, the previous store had a rich history of building good relationships with local and national clients and serving the community. “We have always had a passion for cars and every component to do with cars”, says Werner.

Hi-Q Howick Store

Although the business had stood firm over the years, the harsh realities of the economy and the tough competition forced them to realign, and they found a home at Hi-Q. They made the decision to enhance customer service to ensure a future with the most promising opportunities. Werner states proudly, “We strive to be the leader in the area, because we are ‘the 1 you can trust’”.

Thank you Hi-Q Vredenburg/Langebaan for joining the best team.

Howick Store
Hi-Q Howick, doing us proud in KZN

Starting a business in a small town like Howick, where there is loyalty to an industry competitor, is no easy task. However, we are confident, given the inroads made in the last three months, that Hi-Q Howick will become a force to be reckoned with, and the supplier of choice in the tyre industry.

After leaving Johannesburg for Howick in September 2015, Gary Steynberg was looking for a business to buy or start. Braam Barnard, after five years out of the industry, wanted to open another tyre fitment centre – and so, Hi-Q Howick was conceived. Having run a fitment centre in Pietermaritzburg for a number of years, Braam had the skills and knowledge required. Gary was a Technical Manager in the gaming industry for a long time and the thought of a handson, technical environment really appealed. “I want to bring the level of customer service, to which I had become accustomed in the casino business, to the tyre industry, especially given the profile of our potential clientele in Howick,” says Gary. This was when the labour began. For four long months they worked, stripping and epoxy coating vinyl floors, painting workshop walls, installing air lines, sourcing equipment, building reception desks, decorating bathrooms, setting up customer computer stations, and all the other tasks that go into a business of this nature. “We worked from eight in the morning to midnight daily, even enjoying the occasional beer,” Braam reveals.

“This was when we approached Hi-Q to see if they would be prepared to open a store in Howick.” Henri Munnik, KZN’s Retail Development Manager, came to view the premises and to see the progress made, and was, from the outset, impressed and supportive. Hi-Q was committed to the Howick store and that was exactly what Braam and Gary needed
to put their heads down for the final stretch to complete the project. Hi-Q Howick officially opened its doors for trading on 29 April 2016.

Both Braam and Gary thank the Hi-Q and Goodyear teams for their confidence in the Howick venture.