You might regret not getting it done

With the financial strain of the long weekends still fresh in your mind, preparing your vehicle for winter is probably not really a top priority.

But here’s the thing, not getting your car checked out before winter could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Here are the basic checks. 2-min read.


Earlier sunsets and later sunrises mean a lot more driving in the dark.

Get your vehicle’s lights checked and cleaned. If your headlights are foggy and yellow, get them replaced.


Winter is tough on batteries, which means that if your battery is already struggling it’s only going to get worse.

Get a volt test done on your battery to make sure it’s still in decent shape.


Coolant, or antifreeze, is critical to your vehicle’s winter performance.

So, check your coolant levels regularly.


Keep an eye on your tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure can drop along with the air temperature, and we all know what under inflated tyres mean – premature tyre wear, potential tread separation as well as less control on the road.

Climate Control

The climate control inside your vehicle is crucial to preventing your windows from fogging up during winter.

Get it checked out asap.


Check for cracks in your windshield and if there are any, get them fixed.

Cracks are most likely going to get worse in the chilly winter conditions, which could result in replacing the entire windscreen.


Wipers work extra hard during winter, so make sure yours are still in good working condition.


Switch your brain into winter-mode.

Be conscious of the fact that during winter you will be driving in the dark a lot, the roads will be more slippery and your vehicle will handle differently in colder temperatures.