Your Parallel Parking Fix

Parallel parking is the Achilles heel of most drivers. No matter how good of a driver you are, if you missed that exact millisecond moment when you were supposed to start turning your steering wheel, you can just as well start over. We all know the feeling.

So, here’s a ‘Parallel Parking Fix’ to help restore your parallel-parking-confidence.

  1. Find a space that’s big enough. Switch on your indicator.
  2. Pull up alongside the car in front of the space you want, so your back bumpers are aligned.
  3. Turn your steering wheel fully to the left while simultaneously backing up.
  4. Once your car is at a diagonal angle, or once your (drivers) seat is even with the bumper of the car you’re parking behind, turn your wheel to the right as you continue slowly backing up. Move backwards slowly and carefully as you straighten the vehicle and get into the spot.
  5. Get out and admire your work.

Please note: These apply to parking on the left side of the road.

If you regularly hit the curb while parallel parking, you might want to get your wheel alignment checked out! Find your nearest Hi-Q here

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