Complete Fuel Systems Cleaner

Cleans the entire fuel system. Protects the discharge valves of modern high-performance motors.
Its regular use extends engine life. It reduces consumption and maintenance costs. It assures the correct lubrication of the fuel pump. It keeps the injector system clean and prevents deposits. Reduces the corrosion caused by Biodiesel. It improves the combustion process and reduces noise and fume emissions. Increases the cetane number by up to 2 points. It makes it easier the start at cold. It fits even to last-generation engines such as TOI, HDI, DCL, and JTD.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Cleaning: The Complete Fuel System Cleaner effectively cleans and removes carbon deposits, gunk, and varnish buildup from your engine’s fuel system, including the injectors, valves, and combustion chamber.
  • Fuel Efficiency: By restoring fuel system components to their optimal condition, this cleaner improves fuel atomization, resulting in better fuel combustion and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Engine Performance: Regular use of this product can lead to improved engine performance, reduced emissions, and a smoother, quieter operation of your vehicle.