Durance Scratch Remover

Removes scratches from the bodywork.
Scratch Remover removes superficial scratches and makes deeper scratches less evident on all painted surfaces of cars without damaging the bodywork.

The Diesel Injectors Cleaner is a powerful and effective solution designed to revitalize and maintain the performance of your diesel engine. This advanced cleaner is specially formulated to remove deposits, improve fuel atomization, and ensure smoother operation, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and engine reliability.

  • Professional-Grade Formula: The Durance Scratch Remover is crafted with precision and expertise, utilizing a professional-grade formula that guarantees outstanding results.
  • Effective Scratch Removal: This product excels at eliminating minor scratches, surface imperfections, and swirl marks, revitalizing your car’s paintwork to its original shine.
  • Enhanced Shine: Not only does it remove imperfections, but it also enhances the overall shine of your vehicle, leaving it looking as good as new.
  • UV Protection: The formula includes UV inhibitors that help protect your paintwork from harmful sun rays, ensuring the longevity of your car’s exterior.
  • Safe and Non-Abrasive: The scratch remover is safe for all paint finishes and clear coats, ensuring that it won’t cause additional damage during the removal process.