A robust hybrid tyre. 

Environmentally-friendly FuelSaving Technologies are at the heart of this High Performance tyre which has a proven, significantly high safety element because of its excellent braking performance levels on both dry and wet roads. Adaptations for Africa’s challenging conditions have made the tyre even stronger, to ensure better tread wear and increased mileage.

Features and Benefits

Robust construction
Developed to handle the local African conditions.
Improved capability in negotiating hazards.

Fuel-saving, environmentally friendly and long lasting
The advanced tread compound gives you more mileage between tyre changes, saving you money. The light weight structure with the tread compound results in lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions on every journey.

Better braking on wet roads
With a unique tread surface and a blade arrangement that sheds water, the EfficientGrip offers better wet performance and shorter braking distances.