Wrangler AT/SA+

The all-terrain star of the Wrangler range, featuring SilentArmor Technology.

Developed in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers, the Wrangler AT/SA+ provides you with good all round performance suitable for a mixture of on/off-road conditions. Available in 4 and 5 rib design.

Features and Benefits

Advanced puncture and cut resistance
Tackle rough terrain with confidence, thanks to Goodyear’s SilentArmor Technology. Durawall™ sidewall reinforcement improves tyre resistance to punctures and cuts in the sidewall.

Confident grip on wet roads
The high blade density tread features extra biting edges to improve grip on wet surfaces.

Improved mud traction for off-road driving
Handle rough off-road environments with a tread that quickly evacuates mud, giving you hardworking traction where it counts most. The polymer blend of the Wrangler AT/SA+ enhances off-road performance.