Radar Tyres

RPX 800+

The RPX 800+ tyres is a Sport Touring tyre designed primarily for SUVs. The tyre choice exemplifies a perfect balance between performance, safety, and longevity. These tires are meticulously engineered to provide excellent performance in various driving conditions, ensuring a smooth and secure driving experience every time you hit the road


Season: Summer
Application: Sport Touring
Key Fitments: SUV/Run-flat
Rim Range: 16” – 18”
Markings: M+S

Benefits & Features

Good grip, handling, and mileage
High performance tread compound combined with an innovative asymmetric pattern design, grips the road well, offers low rolling resistance and even wear.

Driving confidence at high speeds
Optimised construction that gives a torsion ally stiffer ride, allowing for precise, confident manoeuvres.

Quiet and comfortable driving experience
Optimised tread pitch sequence coupled with a radially compliant construction, optimises driver comfort and experience.

The RPX 800+tyre is a Sport Touring tyre that has been designed primarily for SUVs.
This range offers drivers good control on both dry and wet roads, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. It combines real-world performance with outstanding good looks.
This range incorporates the popular run-flat sizes in this segment.