Intensa UHP SAF

An ultra high performance tyre with exceptional dry handling.

Get more from every drive with the Intensa UHP. The wet and dry handling demanded by owners of high performance cars,with a fuel-saving design that puts extra kilometres In every tank.

Features and Benefits

Precision dry handling
For your driving pleasure – enjoy confident handling with the Intensa UHP. The tread pattern features a stiff outside shoulder block for superb cornering grip. Steering is precise and controlled, thanks to the large centre rib.

Low fuel consumption
Faster-rolling tyres use less energy and save on fuel costs. The Intensa UHP blends low-weight construction with optimum rigidity for better fuel efficiency and fewer CO2 emissions.

Dependable wet performance
The Intensa UHP uses our full silica tread compound for reliable grip and shorter braking distances in the wet. Wide grooves in the tread quickly shed water in heavy rain conditions.

Low noise levels
The Intensa UHP features a tread designed to reduce noise and offer a smoother ride.