Sincera SN832i

The Sincera SN832i is a standard tyre with a European taste that provides the longer life and higher durability desired by the African Market.

This tyre features a pattern rigidity and contact pressure optimized to enhance long life capabilities. It has an asymmetric tread pattern, which provides a strong profile and construction to enhance durability. The SN832i is a standard tyre for small and midsize vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Smooth and Quiet Ride: A comfortable driving experience is paramount, and the Sincera SN832i delivers. Its advanced noise-canceling technology reduces road noise, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable journey. Low noise and comfortable ride
Exceptional Fuel Efficiency: With its low rolling resistance design, these tires help reduce fuel consumption, saving you money and minimizing your carbon footprint. Enjoy eco-friendly driving without compromising on performance. Designed for fuel efficiency and long service life

Long-Lasting Performance: Falken’s commitment to quality shines through in the durability of the Sincera SN832i. These tires are built to last, providing you with reliable performance mile after mile.