Wash & Wax

Cleans and polishes with self-drying action. Low foam formula.

Introducing Wash & Wax – your all-in-one solution for a professional-grade clean and glossy finish on your vehicle. Our meticulously formulated wash and wax product is designed to elevate your car’s appearance while protecting its paintwork from the elements

Wash & Wax Self-drying: Now in-depth cleaning, waxing and drying the bodywork can be done in just a few minutes. Its special formula cleans the treated parts and coats the surfaces with a very thin wax layer that enhances the effects of washing and protects the bodywork against dust and rain. Its self-drying action prevents water droplets settling, making them drip off the bodywork.

  • Effortless Cleaning: It simplifies the car-cleaning process by combining washing and waxing into one step. Save time and energy while achieving outstanding results.
  • Glossy Shine: Our advanced formula enhances your vehicle’s shine, leaving it with a brilliant, mirror-like finish. Enjoy that showroom-quality look and feel every time you wash your car.
  • Protection from the Elements: In addition to making your vehicle look stunning, our wash and wax product provides a protective barrier against UV rays, rain, and contaminants. Preserve your car’s paintwork and finish for years to come