ExhaustsThe car exhaust system is responsible for removing emissions, allowing the car to be safe for the driver and passengers as well as the environment. There are two other crucial functions the exhaust system serves. One is to lessen the loud explosive noises of combustion, the other is to ensure your car is running at optimum fuel efficiency.

The exhaust system is determined by different factors such as weather and driving conditions. It should undergo periodic inspection for corrosion and damage.

Quick safety tips

  • Signs of corrosion, loose mountings, leaking joints and damage to parts on your exhaust system may indicate that it is damaged.
  • Always check your exhaust system after driving through a pothole or over debris.
  • Be careful, carbon monoxide can easily build up in the interior of a vehicle – the gas has no smell and can’t be seen.
  • Always be sure your engine is switched off if the garage door is closed.
  • The right exhaust system can help reduce noise, boost torque and free up horsepower of your vehicle.
  • A well-fitted exhaust system will do less damage to the environment.


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