Do strut springs wear out?

Keep in mind that your suspension springs are working non-stop. Think about it, they’re under
stress while you’re driving, and they’re also bearing weight while your vehicle is parked. Therefore,
they’re bound to wear out.

The speed at which suspension springs wear out does however depend on how hard you drive, and of course,
what kind of roads you drive on. If you do a lot off-roading and dirt road driving, they’ll wear out

Here are the warning signs of worn struts:

  • Vehicle leans to one side.
  • Coil spring is visibly broken.
  • Rust or deterioration visible on the spring.
  • Ride quality is rougher than usual.

If you experience any of these, we suggest getting to your nearest Hi-Q as soon as possible so a
professional can check it out for you.

To find out more about struts and shocks in general, follow the link below: