Free TyreSurance®

Hi-Q TyreSurance® offers you guaranteed credit towards replacing your damaged tyres**. TyreSurance® is included on every tyre as defined no matter the brand, purchased at any Hi-Q Dealer Countrywide, and registered within 30 days from date of purchase.


NEW #TopUp TyreSurance®

TopUp is a new and exciting benefit offered by Hi-Q. It allows you to elect, for a nominal additional cost, to TopUp your FREE TyreSurance®. This will result in the claims matrix not being applied at the point of replacement of your tyre/s when damaged. Instead of only receiving a percentage of the value as reflected on your original Hi-Q sales invoice, you will receive a full credit based on the value of the tyre on your original Hi-Q invoice which you can use towards the purchase of your new tyre when replacing your damaged tyre.

How will the total amount of credit per tyre be calculated?

Credit will be awarded based on the time that has lapsed since the purchase of the tyre as noted on the original sales invoice per the claims matrix. The maximum claim value per tyre is limited to that value noted on the original Hi-Q sales invoice or R6,000.00 incl. VAT, whichever is the lesser. Note that, if you have elected to TopUp your FREE TyreSurance®, that the claims matrix will not apply and you will receive a full credit based on the value of the tyre on your original Hi-Q invoice which you can use towards the purchase of your new tyre when replacing your damaged tyre.

What does Hi-Q TyreSurance® cover?

Irreparable damage* to your tyre that you register, purchased from a Hi-Q TyreSurance® Approved Dealer (regardless of brand), as a result of an accidental event caused by a road hazard*** within South Africa, for tyres which are registered via our website within 30 days from the purchase date reflected on your Hi-Q invoice.

How do I activate Hi-Q TyreSurance®?

All you have to do is register your purchase. Cover is valid for 2 (two) years from the date reflected on your Hi-Q invoice or until the tread depth is less than 2mm, whichever event is the sooner.

How will Hi-Q TyreSurance®  benefit me?

It offers you total driving ‘peace-of-mind’ and a convenient pocket-friendly solution to replacing your damaged registered tyres.

How much does TopUp cost and how do I access it?

The cost of TopUp varies based on the size of your tyre. The cost of TopUp is available in-store at any Hi-Q Countrywide.

How do I claim for the benefits of TyreSurance® if my tyre is damaged by a road hazard?

Should you need to claim, visit any Hi-Q Dealer, you need to take both your registered damaged tyre and the car with the vehicle registration/licence plate number that you used during registration to any Hi-Q Dealer Countrywide. The cause of the damage will be assessed and determined by Hi-Q while you are in-store. Credit will be awarded based on the matrix or, in the case that you elected TopUp, based on the full value as reflected on the original Hi-Q sales invoice.

* Damage to a tyre, which damage cannot be repaired e.g. sidewall cuts, tears, bubbles etc. Anything else is excluded e.g. punctures and cost to repair, normal tyre wear, flat spots as a result of harsh braking etc.

** All passenger tyres including Sedans, Bakkies, Taxis, SUV’s, 4×4’s, LDV’s, Caravans and Trailers (excluding re-tread tyres, tyres larger than 750/16 and vehicles not registered in South Africa i.e. not a South African licence plate).

*** A hazard of whatever nature on a road, including but not limited to, potholes, debris (e.g. glass, steel) etc. Damage to a tyre as a result of a car accident is excluded as this cover is provided by the comprehensive cover for cars given by insurance companies.

By registering for TyreSurance®, or electing the TopUp benefit, you agree to and have accepted all Terms & Conditions.

Hi-Q reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify any benefit, term, condition etc. at any time and without prior notice. Any revisions will be shall be noted herein.