What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are specifically designed to deal with the challenges of icy winter roads. They usually feature deep grooves and studs, and are made from a softer compound for added grip in freezing conditions.

Here’s what makes Winter tyres different:

  • Made from specially formulated tread rubber, winter tyres make it easier for you to control your car on icy and snowy roads.
  • Winter tyres have wide tread blocks and extra cuts in the tread called ‘sipes’ that give the tyre extra bite to grip winter roads, hills and sharp corners, and get rid of build-ups of snow.
  • Most drivers find that winter tyres give them that extra security when they’re driving in challenging winter conditions.
  • Summer tyres wear out quicker than winter tyres in cold temperatures.

Winter tyres perform optimally in conditions of 7°C and below. As we experience more moderate winters in South Africa, we don’t necessarily need to switch over to winter tyres during the colder months, which means that winter tyres are not readily available in this country.