How do I know which tyres to buy for my car?

The tyres that originally came with your car (also known as OE – original equipment tyres) are selected because they’re well suited to your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best ones for you.

When replacing your tyres always consult your vehicle owner’s manual first. In there you’ll find the vehicle manufacturer’s replacement tyre recommendations. If you’re still unsure, visit your nearest Hi-Q dealer where one of our tyre specialists will be more than happy to assist.

You might not think that fitting the correct tyres is that important, but it is. Fitting the wrong tyres can compromise you handling and control on the road while at the same time putting strain on your vehicle. It can also negatively affect the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

Tip: Always make sure all the tyres on your vehicle match. Driving on mismatched tyres can be very dangerous as it could result in loss of control especially when braking.