Just your ordinary photo of a sports car right? Wrong!

Photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez photographs a $160 000 sports car using a $40 scale model!

More info: hernandezdreamphography.com
Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/audi-r8-miniature-car-toy-felix-hernandez/


Is this the future?

The much hated wheel clamp might in the near future be replaced by the Barnacle – a contraption that sucks to your windscreen and won’t let go until you’ve paid up. Apparently the Barnacle is much lighter and way more user-friendly compared to the wheel clamp. At the moment it’s being tested in the US. Let’s see what happens.

Source: https://www.wired.com/2016/10/parking-enforcement-barnacle-boot/?mbid=social_twitter

New number plates for south african drivers?

A hot topic of conversation amongst South African drivers this past few months, has been the new number plate regulation that’s set to be introduced in 2017. (Links to news section on Hi-Q website where rest of story is hosted) In a statement recently released by the department of transport, it was confirmed that South African drivers would indeed need to upgrade to new number plates come 2017, and that these plates will need to be renewed every 5 years. However the details of the roll out is still unclear. The department did confirm that there would be a consultation period, which would include public input.

Here’s what we know so far…

The new number plates will be embossed aluminium plates, with the background printed under a coat of a retro-reflective surface.

It will contain:

  • The South African National Flag
  • Name of the province
  • The sequential number shall be on the bottom left of the number plate
  • SABS certification mark
  • Four-dimensional barcode with the QR code that contains the registration number of the manufacturer of blank number plates. The plates will have to be renewed every 5 years and there is no indication whether licensing authorities will charge an additional fee for this renewal. The letters and figures will be displayed in the following colours:
    • Black – public transport vehicles
    • Blue – general vehicles and personalised number plates
    • Red – government vehicles
    • Green – diplomatic vehicles

In the statement the department stated that the new number plates will be less prone to security threats and that it will mitigate abuse by unregistered number plate manufacturers. Read the full statement here: http://www.sanews.gov.za/southafrica/new-improved-vehicle-number-plates.