Here’s what your Goodyear tyres can get you at Hi-Q!

Head over to your nearest Hi-Q between 1 and 31 December 2017 and you’ll receive a loaded cash awardscard® with every 2 or more Goodyear branded tyres, 15 inch or larger, you buy. The awardscard® can be used anywhere that accepts Mastercard®! Check instore for details. Terms and conditions apply. Hi-Q Black Friday Facebook post […]

Do strut springs wear out?

Keep in mind that your suspension springs are working non-stop. Think about it, they’re under stress while you’re driving, and they’re also bearing weight while your vehicle is parked. Therefore, they’re bound to wear out. The speed at which struts wear out does however depend on how hard you drive, and of course, what kind […]

How long do shock absorbers last?

The answer to this question depends on many different variables, such as where you drive and how ‘hard’ you drive. If you do a lot of off road driving for example, or mostly drive on dirt roads, your shocks will wear much faster. If you primarily drive on tar roads that are level and smooth, […]

Time for Kick-off! With Hi-Q and Falken tyres.

Hi-Q and Falken tyres teamed up this October to bring you this great deal! You’ll receive a FREE Falken rugby ball when you buy 4 or more Falken ZE912, ZE914, FK453, FK453CC, Wildpeak A/T or Wildpeak H/T tyres (15” or larger) at any participating Hi-Q dealer – see list of dealers at link below. Hurry, […]

Your Parallel Parking Fix

Parallel parking is the Achilles heel of most drivers. No matter how good of a driver you are, if you missed that exact millisecond moment when you were supposed to start turning your steering wheel, you can just as well start over. We all know the feeling. So, here’s a ‘Parallel Parking Fix’ to help […]

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are specifically designed to deal with the challenges of icy winter roads. They usually feature deep grooves and studs, and are made from a softer compound for added grip in freezing conditions. Here’s what makes Winter tyres different: Made from specially formulated tread rubber, winter tyres make it easier for you to control […]

How do I know which tyres to buy for my car?

The tyres that originally came with your car (also known as OE – original equipment tyres) are selected because they’re well suited to your vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best ones for you. When replacing your tyres always consult your vehicle owner’s manual first. In there you’ll find the vehicle manufacturer’s replacement […]

How often should I replace my tyres?

The life of your tyres can depend on many things such your driving style, your load, inflation pressures, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, road surfaces and more. Because of this, it’s difficult to determine exactly when and how often you should replace your tyres. What is however extremely important is that you check your tyres regularly. […]

Manual or Automatic: Which will it be?

This is a question all drivers are faced with at least once in their driving lifetime. We recently had a pole on our Facebook page to settle the age-old debate: Manual or Automatic? But our audience was torn, leaving us with no clear answer. So, we did the next best thing – we made a […]