ShocksShock absorbers are instrumental to maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s suspension. They are primarily designed to allow the tyres to conform to the contours of the road, dampening potential impact on roads and other terrain. Shocks provide your vehicle with stability and maneuverability, which determines a smooth, balanced ride. Shocks affect how well your car handles the road and braking. They play a vital role in providing safe, balanced reflexes and handling during emergencies.

It is strongly recommended to have your shocks checked by a Hi-Q professional at least once a year, or every 50 000km.


New cars regularly come out with struts. Struts have a more compact build than conventional shocks and are a great fit for lighter vehicles – allowing more interior room.

They not only control the up and down movement of the wheels, but contribute to the steering’s pivotal rotation.

An indication of worn or damaged shocks are:

  • Steering wheel vibration.
  • If the vehicle veers in side winds (body roll).
  • Excessive bounce on rough or bumpy surfaces.
  • Oil or fluid leakages from shocks or struts.
  • Nose-diving when braking.
  • Excessive lean or sway on bends and turns.
  • Uneven tyre wear.
  • Visable dented or damaged housing around the shock.

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