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passenger specials

Falken SpecialsFalken

Tyre Size Description Price
14” 185/60R14 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 82H R740
14” 185/65R14 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 86H R770
14” 185/70R14 TL FALKEN SN832A 88H OE R920
15” 185/65R15 TL FALKEN SN832A 88H R920
15” 195/65R15 TL FALKEN ZE914 91V R910
15” 205/60R15 TL FALKEN ZE914 91H R940
15” 205/65R15 TL FALKEN ZE914 94H R860
16” 195/55R16 TL FALKEN ZE914AEC 91V XL R1,170
16” 205/45R16 TL FALKEN 87V ZE914 XL R830
16” 205/55R16 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 91V R990
16” 215/55R16 TL FALKEN ZE914 93V R990
17” 225/45R17 TL FALKEN ZE914EC XL 94W R1,320
18” 215/55R18 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 95H R2,010
18” 225/55R18 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 98H R2,160

Symmetry & Aplus SpecialsSymmetry

Tyre Size Description Price
13” 175/60R13 A606 77H R590
14” 175/65R14 REFLEX 101 82T R660
14” 175/70R14 SY101 84H R660
15” 175/65R15 A606 84H R750
15” 185/65R15 A606 88H R740
15” 195/50R15 A607 82V R770
15” 195/60R15 SY201 88V R810
16” 225/60R16 A606 98H R830
17” 205/40R17 A607 84W XL R900
17” 205/50R17 A607 93W XL R1,040
17” 215/55R17 A607 98W XL R1,050
17” 225/45R17 SY201 94W R890
18” 245/40R18 A607 97W XL R1,170


SUV specials

Falken SpecialsFalken

Tyre Size Description Price
16” 245/70R16 TL FALKEN WILDPEAK AT01 107S R1,950
17” 265/65R17 TL FALKEN WILDPEAK AT01 112S R2,060


Falken SpecialsFalken

Tyre Size Description Price
16” 205/55RF16 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 91W R1,400
17” 225/45RF17 TL FALKEN ZE914EC 91W R1,600

Symmetry & Aplus SpecialsSymmetry

Tyre Size Description Price
145/80R10 REFLEX 101 69T R690
14" 185R14C A866 102/100R WSW R1,040
15" 195/70R15C SY301 104/102S 8PR R980
15" 215R15 A929 112/110S AT R1,350
15" 31X10.50R15 A929 109Q RBL MT R2,050
16" 195/75R16C A867 107/105R R1,050
16" 235/70R16 A929 106T OWL AT R1,390
16" 265/70R16 A929 112T AT R1,840
16" 265/75R16 A929 123/120S OWL AT R1,920
17" 265/65R17 A929 112T OWL AT R1,720
18" 235/60R18 A919 107H XL HT R1,480
19" 255/50R19 A607 107V XL R1,650
8.25-16 TRA TL20 14PR TTF R2,170
TRUCK 8.25-20 TRA TL24 14PR TTF R2,630
TRUCK 10.00-20 TRA TL23 16PR TTF R4,110
TRUCK 11.00-20 TRA TL23 16PR TTF R4,490
TRUCK 12.00-20 TRA TL23 18PR TTF R4,490

Valid from 1 October 2020 - 31 October 2020.

Online prices exclude balancing and fitting.

While stocks last.

Please note: APlus and Symmetry specials available at selected stores only.

Our Hi-Q tyre specials will be updated each month so remember to check back here regularly.
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