Manual or Automatic: Which will it be?

This is a question all drivers are faced with at least once in their driving lifetime. We recently had a pole on our Facebook page to settle the age-old debate: Manual or Automatic?

But our audience was torn, leaving us with no clear answer. So, we did the next best thing – we made a pros and cons list.

Automatic Pros:

  • Easier to use – great for new drivers.
  • Safe – both hands on the wheel while driving, which is also a massive plus for new drivers.
  • More comfortable to drive – only two pedals to deal with and no need to concentrate on shifting gears.
  • Better for hilly areas – your vehicle will operate efficiently no matter how steep the climb.
  • Easier to drive in heavy traffic – move through heavy traffic without having to do more than push a single pedal.

Automatic Cons:

  • More expensive to buy.
  • More expensive to maintain because of its complex design system.
  • Less fuel efficient as it relies on the torque converter to shift gears.

Manual Pros:

  • More control – you can react faster to conditions/incidents on the road.
  • Cheaper to maintain – requires way less maintenance than an automatic.
  • More fuel-efficient.
  • Usually cheaper than their automatic counterparts.
  • Less likely to be stolen – turns out thieves prefer automatic.

Manual Cons:

  • Need to take one hand off the wheel to shift gears.
  • Working the clutch can become uncomfortable – especially in traffic.
  • Learning how to drive a manual can take some time.

So, there you have it.

Honestly, we think in the end it all comes down to personal preference. Are you more of a ‘control over comfort’ kind of person or do you believe ‘comfort is priceless’?

Hi-Quiz Answer: True