EfficientGrip Compact

The tyre that delivers on security and comfort with high levels of handling and performance. 

Rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption is reduced through tyre structure optimisation that leads to less heat generation. Further benefits include a shorter braking distance on wet roads, cornering stability and higher mileage. Thanks to this superb array of features, this tyre is an excellent choice for a wide range of vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Improved fuel efficiency and mileage
Advances in tyre components and construction reduce overall tyre weight for improved rolling resistance, while optimised pressure distribution promotes even tyre wear.

Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads
A new tread design features dual wide grooves, extra large sipes and multiple biting edges to cut through surface water for improved braking in the wet.

Better resistance to aquaplaning
A rounder cavity shape stops the accumulation of water in front of the tyre to help prevent aquaplaning.