The three-in-one tyre that delivers superb grip, handling and comfort.

The Excellence tyre delivers security, comfort and high levels of handling and performance. A compound polymer that gives the tyre superb adherence and braking in wet conditions, while handling precision and even wear on the tyre are obtained through a progressive spiral overlay. Noise is minimised through a special dual pitch sequence.

Features and Benefits

Wet grip
Benefit from reliable road adherence in wet conditions. The Excellence features a compound polymer that sticks to the road, giving you shorter braking distances in rainy weather.

Precision handling and even wear
Experience confident handling when driving at highway speeds. Shoulder stabilisers help to maintain a firm grip when cornering. Pressure is distributed evenly across the tyre contact patch, for better handling and uniform tread wear.

Smooth, quiet ride
Make every journey a comfortable one thanks to an optimised tread pattern that reduces noise emissions.