Scorpion S/T

The Scorpion ST is designed to primarily deliver a smooth, quiet ride and excellent sport handling.

It also provides limited off-road traction. It’s a popular OE tire for European-made SUVs.

Features and Benefits

Premium Tread Width
Delivers better ride quality as well as excellent sport handling and traction.

Deep circumferential and lateral grooves
Help maintain wet and snow traction by evacuating water and slushto resist hydroplaning.

Siping throughout the tread
Adds extra gripping edges for enhanced wet and snow traction.

Two steel belts and nylon overlays
Ensure rugged penetration resistance, durability and excellent handling.

Long wearing tread compound
Delivers better value and is also designed to maximize highway traction in all weather conditions as well as off-road.

Contemporary appearance
Popular OE styling RBL with sidewall.