The tyre for high mileage and low fuel consumption drive further for less.

The Effecta+ is a long-lasting tyre for budget-conscious drivers. Easy on fuel, it gives reliable handling in wet or dry conditions.

Features and Benefits

Low fuel consumption
Save on fuel bills. The Effecta+’s low-weight construction and tread design combine to make the tyre easier to roll, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Dependable dry and wet handling and braking
The Effecta+ delivers reliable handling in both dry and rainy conditions. Our special rubber compound is optimised for good braking performance on wet roads.

High mileage
Get more mileage for your money. The Effecta+ is shaped to keep more rubber in contact with the road so that wear occurs more evenly. The special rubber compound is long-wearing for extra durability.

Low noise levels
A quieter tyre gives you a more comfortable ride and reduces noise pollution. The Effecta+ tread blocks are designed to reduce noise levels.