Tyre Truths: How To Ensure Tyre Safety

Tyre Truths: How To Ensure Tyre Safety

These Checks And Tips Can Prolong The Life Of Your Tyre Safety!

The Checks

  • Wheel balancing – Regularly
  • Tread depth – Every 10 000km
  • Tyre pressure – Bi-weekly when tyres are cold
  • Wheel alignment – Annually or every 10 000km
  • Rotating tyres – Every 10 000km
  • Tyre treads – Monthly

Safety Tips

  • Improperly balanced front wheels can cause wear of the steering mechanism.
  • Don't forget to check you spare tyre and keep at the correct tyre pressure.
  • Driving with worn tyres on wet roads is dangerous.
  • Good quality tyres have tread wear indicators, which indicate the life of the tyres.
  • Driving with just one under inflated tyre can increase your fuel consumption by as much as 4%.
  • Incorrect inflation affects steering, acceleration and braking (including ABS).
  • Tyre pressure is only accurate when a vehicle has been stationary for at least 3 hours.
  • Look after your tyres and you will reduce the impact of fuel emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Blow out risk is increased on hot days and can be lessened by correct tyre pressure and not overloading the tyres.
  • An overinflated tyre rides only on the centre of the tread – this reduces grip and handling.
  • Tyres lose pressure when temperatures drop. Without enough air, the sides of a tyre bend and flex, increasing rolling resistance which increases fuel consumption.
  • Look inside your vehicle owner manual for recommended tyre pressure.